Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why name a blog Bringing Sexy Back??

Bringing Sexy Back
Have you heard the song "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake? According to Wikipedia...
"SexyBack" became Timberlake's first number one single on the Billboard Hot 100, staying seven weeks at the top spot. Let's just say this song is HOT, viral, and addictive! To be frank, of COURSE we aspire to have our tiny K9 Knits venture to be all of those things! We want to be thought of as hot, viral, addictive and part of pop culture. With that said, we welcome all of our followers to the Bringing Sexy Back blog, by K9 Knits.

K9 Knits
Our venture, K9 Knits is a collaboration of two women, myself and my lovely mother! We have very different views on pretty much everything, but we started this venture because we both had plenty of time on our hands, have talents we thought we could share with others and LOVE our dogs! (more about us on a future post - don't worry, we won't hold back)

The Bringing Sexy Back Blog will have the following:

Fun info about our Etsy shop and bringing unique and SEXY products to the handmade/indie dog marketplace.

Tons of pictures will be posted of our inspirations including YOUR dogs! Dogs that are modeling our knits, dogs that inspire us, and plenty of our pups (Wheaten Terrier, Brittany and future Kerry Blue puppy) Yes, we want this to be a very interactive relationship with Dogs (I know you pups have your own blogs, Twitter & Facebook accounts) and the owners/humans that adore them so much!

We will search high and low for new dog products that we find unique, original and hopefully handmade!

Lastly, we will detail more about our marketplace - Etsy and other fantastic Etsy sellers creating wonderful handmade items for the dogs we love so much!


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