Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gorgeous Pups Wearing K9 Knits

Thank you to all of our customers for your continued support! Below we've highlighted some lovely pups wearing our K9 Knits Etsy Shop sweaters/scarves/chokers.

Lia - White Bear Lake, MN
This pup is near and dear to our K9 Knits hearts as she is my Mother-in-Law's four legged companion in MN. She loves to bark w/a tennis ball in her mouth when you sneeze, the toaster goes off, or there is a knock at the door. Her best friends are Kiwi and Muffin, Ragdoll kitties that turned her life upside down two years ago! Lia is wearing a hand knit 100% organic cotton dog scarf. She loves long walks on ice covered MN lakes in freezing below zero temps.

Chester - Rochester, New York
Look at this lovely Welsh Terrier sporting a custom hand knit 100% Baby Alpaca dog sweater in chocolate brown in a convenient legless style! This is one lucky Welshman! Isn't he gorgeous!!

Ruby Red - New York, NY
Look at this adorable little girl! Miss Ruby Red, from New York City is sporting a hand knit Bringing Sexy Back dog choker. Miss Ruby is a little Silky Terrier puppy that is recovering from Pneumonia! But thankfully, she is back home after a stay in the vet hospital and is back on her puppy routine of playing, sleeping, playing, eating, playing, sleeping!

Product Line Update! Eco-Pup!

100% Organic Cotton

So what's new for K9 Knits product line?? A NEW Eco-Pup collection for spring and summer with 100% organic cotton yarn. The new Spring collection will include the Bringing Sexy Back chokers, matching wristlets for "us" humans, and light summer sweaters for the cool spring/summer nights and air conditioned environments.

For the owners and puppies that are eco-conscious and sensitive to all the chemicals that are typically distributed over conventional cotton, these yarns by Blue Sky Alpacas are 100% organic cotton and the natural hue (off white/cream) has no dye at all!

We're always interested in new product ideas, so please drop us a comment and share what you would like to see in K9 Knits Etsy Shop!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

PeoplePets Storque Article & Discovering Jack Jack Daniels

Spring Fashion Mention
YAY!! It's always an honor to have your work recognized and on Sunday, March 21st K9 Knits was mentioned in the "Related" section of the People Pets Article, "Latest in Spring Pet Fashion wih"on the Etsy Storque Blog!

The fabulous Jack Jack Daniels, a Yorkie from Philadelphia was shown sporting our Hand Knit Blue Dog Sweater! This photo has actually been quite popular and we're tremendously grateful to his parents, Elaine & Tim for their willingness to let Jack model for us!

Discovering Jack Jack
How did we ever discover such an adorable Yorkie? The story begins with my husband doing his "last walk" duties....(his favorite time of the day - not really....LOL) One night he was out when he met an adorable young couple contemplating moving into the neighborhood where they would reside with their two pups, Jack - Jack the Yorkie and Chewbacca (Chewy), the Wheaten Terrier. As many dog owners know, when you meet other dog owners with the same breed, there is an instant connection! Same was true with this fateful meeting! Tim & Elaine thought Seamus was adorable (still a puppy) and thrilled to know Chewy would have a friend in the neighborhood...thus signing a lease shortly thereafter.

My husband, being the lovely, quiet, and soft-spoken boy that he is, failed to mention the couple that he met on his walk....weeks go by.... One night, I was out with Seamus and heard an unfamiliar voice calling his name. Having no message from hubby about the cute couple that loves Wheatens from his previous encounter, I had no idea who these people were, nor how they knew his name. My mind wandered...How is Seamus famous? Did he do something naughty?? Was he trying to find a new forever home??? Tim & Elaine filled me in on the meeting with my husband a few weeks earlier and needless to say we became fast friends. Nightly "last walks" were a ritual during our time on the UES and we of course wanted to highlight Jack Jack in our K9 Knits Campaign!

Jack Jack's Dog-i-tude
So what's this little 5lb Yorkie like? He's a super star! He has a HUGE dog-i-tude, never likes to be left behind, enjoys carrying his leash, has a fetish for Sesame Street characters, biting Seamus's beard, and loves the dehydrated chicken strips! He has all the spunk of a big dog, but compacted in a 5lb Yorkie!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Inspiration #2 - Jazzy, the Brittany


Oh what a puppy! Jazzy was the cutest puppy ever! Ok, we all think OUR pups are cute, but she did have this adorable little face that won my parents over in a heartbeat! The classic Brittany look with the heart shape on her head and the little freckles near her nose. How can you say no to this pup??

Jazzy learned quickly that wrapping the humans around her paws would be easy! Her favorite activities included escaping the house, cabin or any other confined space meant to keep her safe, running loose around the neighborhood after escaping, collecting treats from Dad, snuggling with Mom after Dad leaves, and harassing the cat! And if that annoying Seamus (my wheatie) happens to be in town, then her ONLY activity is escaping him to avoid his attempts at nonstop play!

Jazzy & Seamus
Here's the terrible two! Seamus & Jazzy at my parent's house last summer. We traveled from NY - MN for six weeks of vacation in MN and Seamus decided to take over the house...Pretty sure he doesn't want to let Miss Jazzy pass by him. ;) If any visitors made it in the door, he was sure to make sure his snout was first to get the snuggles and hugs. She can have his treats, his food and even his kennel, but the attention is ALL his!

Jazzy in the backyard

As she's matured, she has thankfully calmed as well. In fact, she might be mellow. Now the only thing that drives her more crazy than Seamus is the GRAND BABY Olivia! She's scheming how to win back the attention when the half pint comes to visit. Stay tuned for more as Jazzy continues to inspire this K9 Knits team!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inspiration #1 - Seamus, the Wheaten Terrier

Seamus, our 3 year old Wheaten Terrier is the funniest guy EVER! He has so much personality for being the smallest Wheaten ever! Standards for Wheaten boys is like 40-45lbs. He weighs in at 28lbs soaking wet! LOL, but we love him all the same! We got him in the hot hot summer of 2006 when my husband was in the middle of his 2 month surgery rotation. I was finding myself a little lonely and randomly found the perfect solution! Ever since, he's been my buddy, companion, taste tester, BFF when hubby is working and if he can make it without pooping out, my running partner!

Some of my favorite pictures from our first year with Seamus!

Seamus's first trip to Minneapolis on an airplane! He had to go Cargo!!! We were terrified!

Resting on his favorite ottoman, in his Upper East Side apartment the size of his dog kennel. 280 square feet all to ourselves!

The first full day with Seamus. He was so cute! How could I resist him?? The perfect Wheaten.

Did You Know??

Did you know:

Majority of this blog will be written by one person, but two people are Co-Designers, Co-Creators, and Co-Partners in crime of K9 Knits.

Why? One is an expert knitter and prefers to stay behind the scenes...(My Mom)

The other (me), is not so behind the scenes and communicates in dog speak to dogs, English to owners and gibberish to everyone else!

Did you know:

Majority of our sales (70%) are custom orders.

What does this mean? Majority of our sweaters are knit after the purchase according to our client's preferences on Fibers/Yarn, Colors and Dog specific measurements.

Did you know:

Our most requested sweater style and color is the least liked color by both K9 Knits designers. LOL!

Picture of our most requested sweater - Hand Knit Army Green Ribbed Dog Sweater!

Why name a blog Bringing Sexy Back??

Bringing Sexy Back
Have you heard the song "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake? According to Wikipedia...
"SexyBack" became Timberlake's first number one single on the Billboard Hot 100, staying seven weeks at the top spot. Let's just say this song is HOT, viral, and addictive! To be frank, of COURSE we aspire to have our tiny K9 Knits venture to be all of those things! We want to be thought of as hot, viral, addictive and part of pop culture. With that said, we welcome all of our followers to the Bringing Sexy Back blog, by K9 Knits.

K9 Knits
Our venture, K9 Knits is a collaboration of two women, myself and my lovely mother! We have very different views on pretty much everything, but we started this venture because we both had plenty of time on our hands, have talents we thought we could share with others and LOVE our dogs! (more about us on a future post - don't worry, we won't hold back)

The Bringing Sexy Back Blog will have the following:

Fun info about our Etsy shop and bringing unique and SEXY products to the handmade/indie dog marketplace.

Tons of pictures will be posted of our inspirations including YOUR dogs! Dogs that are modeling our knits, dogs that inspire us, and plenty of our pups (Wheaten Terrier, Brittany and future Kerry Blue puppy) Yes, we want this to be a very interactive relationship with Dogs (I know you pups have your own blogs, Twitter & Facebook accounts) and the owners/humans that adore them so much!

We will search high and low for new dog products that we find unique, original and hopefully handmade!

Lastly, we will detail more about our marketplace - Etsy and other fantastic Etsy sellers creating wonderful handmade items for the dogs we love so much!