Sunday, March 21, 2010

PeoplePets Storque Article & Discovering Jack Jack Daniels

Spring Fashion Mention
YAY!! It's always an honor to have your work recognized and on Sunday, March 21st K9 Knits was mentioned in the "Related" section of the People Pets Article, "Latest in Spring Pet Fashion wih"on the Etsy Storque Blog!

The fabulous Jack Jack Daniels, a Yorkie from Philadelphia was shown sporting our Hand Knit Blue Dog Sweater! This photo has actually been quite popular and we're tremendously grateful to his parents, Elaine & Tim for their willingness to let Jack model for us!

Discovering Jack Jack
How did we ever discover such an adorable Yorkie? The story begins with my husband doing his "last walk" duties....(his favorite time of the day - not really....LOL) One night he was out when he met an adorable young couple contemplating moving into the neighborhood where they would reside with their two pups, Jack - Jack the Yorkie and Chewbacca (Chewy), the Wheaten Terrier. As many dog owners know, when you meet other dog owners with the same breed, there is an instant connection! Same was true with this fateful meeting! Tim & Elaine thought Seamus was adorable (still a puppy) and thrilled to know Chewy would have a friend in the neighborhood...thus signing a lease shortly thereafter.

My husband, being the lovely, quiet, and soft-spoken boy that he is, failed to mention the couple that he met on his walk....weeks go by.... One night, I was out with Seamus and heard an unfamiliar voice calling his name. Having no message from hubby about the cute couple that loves Wheatens from his previous encounter, I had no idea who these people were, nor how they knew his name. My mind wandered...How is Seamus famous? Did he do something naughty?? Was he trying to find a new forever home??? Tim & Elaine filled me in on the meeting with my husband a few weeks earlier and needless to say we became fast friends. Nightly "last walks" were a ritual during our time on the UES and we of course wanted to highlight Jack Jack in our K9 Knits Campaign!

Jack Jack's Dog-i-tude
So what's this little 5lb Yorkie like? He's a super star! He has a HUGE dog-i-tude, never likes to be left behind, enjoys carrying his leash, has a fetish for Sesame Street characters, biting Seamus's beard, and loves the dehydrated chicken strips! He has all the spunk of a big dog, but compacted in a 5lb Yorkie!


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