Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inspiration #1 - Seamus, the Wheaten Terrier

Seamus, our 3 year old Wheaten Terrier is the funniest guy EVER! He has so much personality for being the smallest Wheaten ever! Standards for Wheaten boys is like 40-45lbs. He weighs in at 28lbs soaking wet! LOL, but we love him all the same! We got him in the hot hot summer of 2006 when my husband was in the middle of his 2 month surgery rotation. I was finding myself a little lonely and randomly found the perfect solution! Ever since, he's been my buddy, companion, taste tester, BFF when hubby is working and if he can make it without pooping out, my running partner!

Some of my favorite pictures from our first year with Seamus!

Seamus's first trip to Minneapolis on an airplane! He had to go Cargo!!! We were terrified!

Resting on his favorite ottoman, in his Upper East Side apartment the size of his dog kennel. 280 square feet all to ourselves!

The first full day with Seamus. He was so cute! How could I resist him?? The perfect Wheaten.


  1. The smaller they are, the cuter they are! (and the less room they take up...good for a 280 sq ft apt!)
    ~beyond_5 on twitter

  2. Seamus is just adorable!! I really enjoyed seeing your pictures & reading your blog!! Thanks for sharing