Monday, November 29, 2010

Our 2lb Chihuahua Model! Mister Mason!!

He might be small, but he's tough & boy does he love to snuggle! I'm pleased to introduce you to Mason & his talented Mom, Jody. Jody is a photographer & glam wire headband designer of Jody Hollier Designs on Etsy and her cuddle bug Mr. Mason are an AMAZING duo!

Mason, as you can see below is ADORABLE in his little tiny Chihuahua body and boy does he have style in the NEW Mason Sweater! This hand knit army green dog sweater coat attaches under the chin and under the belly with (2) leather buttons to give the wearer a distinguished and classic look. All of our K9 Knits Designs sweaters are custom knit to your puppies measurements to create a snug fit.

The Mason Sweater

Mason modeling a new design (yet to be named).

Mason in a Bringing Sexy Back Dog Choker in Pumpkin Orange w/a Bronze Button

All photos were taken by Jody Hollier of Jody Hollier Designs on Etsy.

Our K9 Knits Designs are available on Etsy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miles & Sweet Pea!

We have been very very busy here at K9 Knits Designs! We're so excited to share some pics of two puppies that will soon be sporting a K9 Knits sweater!

Miles, a rock star fashion puppy can be seen here sporting some gorgeous gear! Mom Wesley mentions, "he hates the mailman, but loves to snuggle up on his daddy's chest" (awwwww....) His new "Chester" sweater will compliment his gorgeous Terrier coat!

And here is Sweet Pea a beautiful Boston Terrier!! Sweet Pea has given her parents a scare and recently recovered from a spinal injury that left her paralyzed in her back legs, but thankfully she's "running" again after undergoing homeopathic and holistic treatments AND tons of R&R and love from her parents! She'll soon be sporting the hand knit purple dog sweater that has been named after her!! The Sweet Pea!

And lastly, best buddies!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The SANDY Sweater!

We're very fortunate to have so many amazing friends on Etsy and it's always an honor when we're able to create new dog sweaters for their dogs. The newest model in the K9 Knits Designs pack is Miss Sandy! She was the inspiration for our latest design available on Etsy called, "The Sandy." (all photos were taken by Sandy's mama, Miss Luanne from RustyDawg Pet Products) The Sandy sweater was created using a 100% Alpaca yarn in Raspberry and is a ribbed knit sweater that is easily attached using buttons instead of a more traditional over the head sweater.

Take a peek at Sandy modeling and you tell she bored?? LOL!

Monday, September 13, 2010

GIVEAWAYS!! Custom Dog Sweater & Bringing Sexy Back Dog Choker!

Have I mentioned how excited we are about our recent achievement of 1,000 Facebook fans?? To match our excitement and our fan efforts, we've decided to do (2) giveaways! Yes, (2) lucky puppies will be sporting a
K9 Knits Designs Original!

The first giveaway as mentioned will be a custom "Bringing Sexy Back Dog Choker" designed specifically for your puppy!! You pick, color, yarn type and buttons and we'll knit this very Sexy choker for your pup!
Organic Cotton Bringing Sexy Back Dog Choker

Organic Cotton Antique Purple Bringing Sexy Back Dog Choker

The second giveaway will be a GORGEOUS dog sweater coat custom knit for your puppy to their specific measurements. Yes, you heard me correctly, ANY size dog, knit to fit your puppy's curves!

Hand Knit Dog Sweater Coat

How to Enter:

★ Please leave separate comment for each entry ★

1 entry,
Heart K9 Knits Designs on Etsy

1 entry, "Like" K9 Knits Designs on Facebook

1 entry, Follow K9 Knits Designs on Twitter

1 entry, Follow K9 Knits Designs Blog

1 entry, post your favorite K9 Knits Designs Sweater on your Blog w/link to our Etsy shop
and information about our giveaway!

1 entry, post about your favorite K9 Knits Design item on your Facebook Page with a link to our Fan Page

1 entry, Tweet about our giveaway on Twitter.
"★ GIVEAWAY ★ @K9_Knits Blog! Win a Custom Knit Dog Choker or Dog Sweater! #etsyblog #etsy #dogs #dogsweaters"
(1 entry daily)

Please leave your email in a comment so I can reach you if you are selected as one of our winners!

★ This giveaway will run through Sept 13th - 24th at midnight - Our 1 year anniversary on Etsy!

★ Winners will be selected from comments posted using

★ Winners will have 3 days to respond

★ Negative or unrelated comments will be removed

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Did It!! 1,000 Facebook Fans!

YaY! We reached 1,000 Facebook fans which means - GIVEAWAY! Oh yes, the first giveaway for K9 Knits Designs and 1 lucky winner will receive a custom Bringing Sexy Back dog choker of their choice. The winner can share their thoughts on color, thickness and yarn type and we'll get busy creating a one of a kind custom choker for their dog to sport on their next walk around town.

All details will be in our next blog post on 9/13/2010 and will end on 9/24/2010 in celebration of our 1st anniversary on Etsy!

Samples of our Bringing Sexy Back dog chokers:

Purple Choker with Flower Button

Rustic Orange with Copper Button

Cream Alpaca Blend Choker with Copper Button

Baby Blue Baby Alpaca with Metal Buttons

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dog Antics!

We've had a few funny incidents at our house in PA this week! Thought I'd share the photos.

Seamus doesn't seem that amused with holding Lucy's "paw" but he's tolerating it. You'll notice that she is holding his deer antler hostage so patience is key!

In this one you have to know Seamus to know that he LOVES to sleep next to our toilet. It started b/c we crate trained him in our bathroom when he was a puppy and found the left side just right for his little Wheaten self. Now, any house he visits, if you can't find him...our guess is he's in the bathroom on the left side of the toilet. Seriously.

So this fateful night, he was snoozing away in our bathroom and Lucy - the pesky puppy that she is thought how much fun it would be to drag the toilet paper across the bathroom into the hallway down the hall to the office. Seamus, wanted nothing to do with it b/c only bad things happen when Mom's toilet paper is shredded ;) So he was trying to escape, when Lucy nabbed him with her swirl of paper and he tried to hide in his kennel! Poor Seamus! Lucky for him, we know Lucy's antics....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Etsy Front Page Honors!!

So I woke up not only to a dog barking (Miss Lucy), but GREAT news on the Etsy front! We made the Etsy Front Page again in Art History 101's Midnight Blue inspired Treasury! Hooray!
Our featured item, the Hand Knit Dog Sweater in Midnight Blue! Order yours today! (XXS - XL)

Take a peek at the GORGEOUS Etsy Treasury and click on the link to make a comment!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Listing! Rustic Orange Hand Knit Organic Cuff

We created this beautiful cuff out of 100% Organic Cotton to match our Bringing Sexy Back Dog Chokers (BSB)! When people started inquiring if we could create them separately, we responded with separate listings on Etsy. You can still purchase both the BSB Choker separately or as a matching set (choker & cuff)!

(Rustic Orange Hand Knit Organic Cotton Cuff & Matching Bringing Sexy Back Dog Choker)

Cuffs & Chokers are available in six colors:
★ Pumpkin Orange
★ Daffodil Yellow
★ Antique Purple
★ Sea Green
★ Gently Blue

(Buttons you can customize your cuff or matching choker with! )

(close up of beautiful cuff)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Etsy Front Page!! Hooray!

Yes, we're ecstatic! We made the Etsy front page today! We're honored and thrilled that we were selected by Elise Mahan for her Treasury and that the Etsy Editors loved her curating enough to honor her and the others in her Bob Dylan inspired Treasury the 2:00-3:00pm EST slot on the ETSY front page!


Elise's beautiful media items can be found in her Etsy shop, Mahan's Mixed Media Menagerie.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Etsy Treasury Honors!!

It's always an honor to have our Etsy peers select us to be in their Treasury! We are currently being featured in a beautiful Treasury curated by Rosalie of MINNEAPOLIS!! YAY for the hometown gal!
THANK YOU for taking the time to curate such a lovely treasury!

Snails & Puppy Dog Tails by Miss Rosalie of Rosalies TreasuresLink to the Treasury will expire at 5:38am on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Rosalies Treasures - Hand Crafted Vintage Silver Jewelry
And who knew, but this mother/daughter duo (just like us) also has Cyber Fibers!
Take a peek at their shop!

Cyber Fibers

Thank You to the UK Greyhounds for Bringing Sexy Back!!

As a small business, sometimes you need a little help! These hounds and their lovely owner helped us out tremendously!! We are considering expanding our K9 Knits sweaters to include those made specifically for Greyhounds! We know that Greyhounds have unique physical form, thus we reached out to our Twitter friends to see if any GH owners would be willing to measure their hounds for us! These measurements are used to provide a guideline for us to create a model sweater to work with.

Immediately Susan from the UK responded saying she was willing to give me (6) different measurements from collar to girth etc. - for each of her THREE Greyhounds!
1. This takes time!
2. This takes patience (each hound has to stand still for a couple minutes while we fuss about)
3. The organization to jot the info down and mail to us

We were incredibly thankful that someone was willing to do this for one hound, but for 3, we were overjoyed! We sent these fabulous hounds some thank you gifts! Susan's beautiful greyhounds are the first UK pups to sport our Bringing Sexy Back Dog Chokers!!

Adorable Greyhounds! (Snoozing away...)

(Resting comfortably!)

(Look at those eyes!!)

(So comfy snuggled on a pet bed!)

(I want to cuddle next to this one, not a care in the world! Love it!)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Pictures of Lucy Liu in K9 Knits

She's still a little unsure of the whole "modeling thing" but we're slowing getting her accustomed to "Bringing Sexy Back!" She was a little chilled the other morning so I figured I try a sweater on her - fits great! Much to my delight! We anticipate that she'll outgrow her soon to be small brother Seamus shortly! Lucy's legs are long!

Lucy to Seamus: "What do you think of this whole smiling for treats thing??"
Seamus to Lucy: Shhhhhh, I can't concentrate with you babbling, plus, I love my Charlee Bear Treats!

Aren't they cute!! Ok, I'm totally biased (hehe) but they were really cute when I was taking these photos. Seamus has mastered the cute dog model look and Lucy is getting there :) Just a few more sessions with big bro and we'll be launching her on our site!

TREAT NOW, or Else....
Apparently Lucy was tired of sitting pretty b/c this shot of her is hilarious! I think she's got what it takes to be a model...DOG-i-TUDE!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Introducing Miss Shorty! The Original K9 Knits Model!

Miss Shorty
(Shorty taking on cattle, Shorty won!!)

This adorable Pug named Shorty is our next door neighbor! With her insistence on being the only dog in her Mom's eyes, she gently or not so gently reminds her during our chats that she is present and ready to fetch her ball! She wasn't always an urban gal. In fact, she spent the first six months in PA! As you can see from this gorgeous pic, Miss Shorty is equally as comfortable in rural settings as in NYC! Who knew modeling was on the horizon for this little Pug.

A Hint at Her Future Career??
(Shorty sporting a sexy hat)

When I saw this picture of Shorty, I couldn't help but chuckle just a little. I really think she was channeling her inner sexy diva at a young age! Hats turned into sweaters, scarves and "Bringing Sexy Back" dog chokers! Who knew! She has never ceased to bring her spunky self to each and every one of our modeling sessions, even in freezing cold weather in January. Ok, maybe the candied bacon w/real maple syrup helped just a little, but she's a girl who appreciates PORK! Love it!

Shorty in K9 Knits Little Red Riding Hood Sweater(Look at me Mom!! Aren't I CUTE!!)

We couldn't have started our K9 Knits business without this precious little Pug and her gorgeous photos in our sweaters! It really helped launch our business and we are forever grateful. Shorty and her Mom Kathy were warm and welcoming as my husband and I spent a year on Staten Island. As we prep to move to her home state of PA for the next four years, we look forward to visits when they travel home to Western, PA across the exciting I-80.

Shorty Bringing Sexy Back in K9 Knits Organic Cotton Choker

(Can I get any cuter???)

Shorty, you are SOOO cute! THANK YOU!! We couldn't have done this without you! xoxo

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The 100% Organic Cotton Holy Moly Sweater!
We're delighted to present our NEW Holy Moly Dog Sweater for spring and summer! This GORGEOUS dog sweater is named for the little holes in the stitch pattern which will keep them warm but cool during the next few months!
Jack Jack Daniels modeling the Holy Moly Dog Sweater in Sea Blue

100% Organic Cotton
This sweater is created using 100% Organic Cotton for the Eco-pup and Eco Conscious owners! Your pup will move freely in this loose sweater as they romp through the grass and strut their stuff on long summer walks! This sweater comes in a variety of spring/summer colors: Ivory, Pumpkin Orange, Daffodil Yellow, Antique Purple, Sea Green & Gently Blue.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Newest Model, Miss Lucy Liu!

Here's Lucy!!
Miss Lucy Liu, a 15 week old Kerry Blue puppy who has a special Christmas Day birthday has finally been cleared to come home! She was born a super healthy Kerry Blue, but suffered a minor puppy injury on her back right leg keeping her with the breeder for a few extra weeks! But our vet cleared her for full on puppy play yesterday!
She's the perfect compliment to our 3 year old Wheaten Terrier, Seamus. Here are a few pics of her first days home. We have called Seamus our little brown bear for years, and now we have a little black bear too! Thankfully the two have been agreeing on treats, Grandma snuggles, their love for chewy things and the homemade grub v. kibble.

Miss Lucy chowing down on something tasty and chewy!
One last close up! Look at that black nose! So cute!