Friday, October 21, 2011

October Antics

Well, I guess I'm not very 'reliable' on posting new blog entries am I? I'd promise to do better...but I'm not really sure that will happen. Anyway...I'm sharing some pictures of two cutie pies in Missouri who just received new sweaters from K9 Knits this week. This is Sugar and Cookie modeling my "Mason" sweater. Sugar is wearing the original green version and Cookie has a lovely Aqua color on. This style has proven to be the most popular sweater so far this season, I've done several of them.

It's been unseasonably warm here in Minnesota this fall, but we all know that colder weather is just around the corner. I hope that you will remember to take special care of your best buddy and make sure that he or she is protected from the cold while you take them for a walk. If that means a sweater or a coat, or boots to protect their paws from frostbite, or snow getting built up between the pads of their feet--do it. Watch out for them, cause they're counting on you. :) Until next time.....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A New Era

Okay, bear with me everyone, this is the non-techy person of the duo. Since number 1 daughter has become very busy with her other Etsy shop, TheCaramelJar, I'm going to try to manage this portion of the business along with the knitting. It will be a bumpy ride...but nothing ventured, nothing gained.... and afterall I've trained kids and dogs I can do this!!

So, watch for further adventures of K9 Knits. I'm working on designing some holiday scarves that can be worn by our four-legged friends this coming fall so they can share the Holiday spirit too! Watch for photos to follow.

My inspiration, Jazzy, will be sharing her antics with you too!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wren Willow's Fabulous Dog T-shirts!

It's beyond simple, really! Seamus is a mama's boy! {best snuggler ever!} Lucy is a heart breaker {just ask the neighborhood boys} and these dog t-shirts created using "100% ribbed cotton black sleeveless tank top" would make the perfect gift for your little pup!

One of the best parts of trolling Etsy's front page as a buyer & a seller is discovering things like, great photos, fabulous creativity and some amazing new products!

Take a peek at Wren Willow's dog T-Shirts! Perfect for your pups this Valentine's Day!

Seamus would look PERFECT in this one!

This one is definitely calling Lucy's name!

Wren Willow also offers some amazingly CUTE t-shirts for your little ones!
Must haves for that special child in your life.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Can We Talk About The Fabulous Rusty Dawg Pet Products!!

First, I have to start this entry with a giant THANK you to miss Luanne of Rusty Dawg Pet Products on Etsy! She is the sweetest thing ever and you can tell she truly has a passion for her animals and all of ours!

I've know Luanne since we joined Etsy in September 2009 and she's been a wonderful support for K9 Knits! I knew when I was searching for some pet goodies for my new Kerry Blue Terrier, Lucy - that she was the perfect place to start!

Miss Lucy is a very treat motivated gal, and I have to say - Rusty Dawg's treat bags that can hook onto your puppy's leash was a perfect solution! AND Luanne offers this fabulous waterproof bag in pink camo! YES!!

Water Resistant Dog Treat Bag
The Best surprise about this little gem of a treat bag is it's big enough to hold not only treats if you use it for that...but after I taught my new little princess how NOT to bark at every dog on the block....I toss my keys and a little scrap money in there and away I go! Also would be perfect to put a little baggie etc for those pet pick ups that we all do! Love Love Love the (2) types of attachments that come with it...the little hook and the caribener!

My next little review of Rusty Dawg is their ADORABLE pet stockings! My husband and I aren't too crazy about Christmas...but I thought, we finally have a mantel, so at the very least, we should hang some stockings!

Then suddenly, Rusty-Dawg posted on her FB page that she was making these ECO Pet stockings! Holy cow!! Perfect~ Plus, it was like Luanne could read my mind on what I was thinking for my little guys. Her attention to detail, asking and double checking on what I was looking for was perfect! I love working with Luanne and the stockings are SO sturdy! I stuffed them full of goodies for my little guys and oh my gosh - were they thrilled on Christmas morning!

Personalized Pet Stocking!! (Seasonal Item)

p.s. The stockings were so cute - that I ordered them for my brother's kitties, Archer Cat & LC Cat! Luanne was fabulous, I asked her to stuff them full of her kitty toys and all I heard from my brother, was the cats were attacking the box when it arrived...I'm thinking they liked the toys Luanne sent!

Thank you again Miss Luanne! Seamus & Lucy give both products a giant Paws up!

For more pet products, take a peek at Luanne's website: