Monday, May 31, 2010

Etsy Front Page!! Hooray!

Yes, we're ecstatic! We made the Etsy front page today! We're honored and thrilled that we were selected by Elise Mahan for her Treasury and that the Etsy Editors loved her curating enough to honor her and the others in her Bob Dylan inspired Treasury the 2:00-3:00pm EST slot on the ETSY front page!


Elise's beautiful media items can be found in her Etsy shop, Mahan's Mixed Media Menagerie.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Etsy Treasury Honors!!

It's always an honor to have our Etsy peers select us to be in their Treasury! We are currently being featured in a beautiful Treasury curated by Rosalie of MINNEAPOLIS!! YAY for the hometown gal!
THANK YOU for taking the time to curate such a lovely treasury!

Snails & Puppy Dog Tails by Miss Rosalie of Rosalies TreasuresLink to the Treasury will expire at 5:38am on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Rosalies Treasures - Hand Crafted Vintage Silver Jewelry
And who knew, but this mother/daughter duo (just like us) also has Cyber Fibers!
Take a peek at their shop!

Cyber Fibers

Thank You to the UK Greyhounds for Bringing Sexy Back!!

As a small business, sometimes you need a little help! These hounds and their lovely owner helped us out tremendously!! We are considering expanding our K9 Knits sweaters to include those made specifically for Greyhounds! We know that Greyhounds have unique physical form, thus we reached out to our Twitter friends to see if any GH owners would be willing to measure their hounds for us! These measurements are used to provide a guideline for us to create a model sweater to work with.

Immediately Susan from the UK responded saying she was willing to give me (6) different measurements from collar to girth etc. - for each of her THREE Greyhounds!
1. This takes time!
2. This takes patience (each hound has to stand still for a couple minutes while we fuss about)
3. The organization to jot the info down and mail to us

We were incredibly thankful that someone was willing to do this for one hound, but for 3, we were overjoyed! We sent these fabulous hounds some thank you gifts! Susan's beautiful greyhounds are the first UK pups to sport our Bringing Sexy Back Dog Chokers!!

Adorable Greyhounds! (Snoozing away...)

(Resting comfortably!)

(Look at those eyes!!)

(So comfy snuggled on a pet bed!)

(I want to cuddle next to this one, not a care in the world! Love it!)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Pictures of Lucy Liu in K9 Knits

She's still a little unsure of the whole "modeling thing" but we're slowing getting her accustomed to "Bringing Sexy Back!" She was a little chilled the other morning so I figured I try a sweater on her - fits great! Much to my delight! We anticipate that she'll outgrow her soon to be small brother Seamus shortly! Lucy's legs are long!

Lucy to Seamus: "What do you think of this whole smiling for treats thing??"
Seamus to Lucy: Shhhhhh, I can't concentrate with you babbling, plus, I love my Charlee Bear Treats!

Aren't they cute!! Ok, I'm totally biased (hehe) but they were really cute when I was taking these photos. Seamus has mastered the cute dog model look and Lucy is getting there :) Just a few more sessions with big bro and we'll be launching her on our site!

TREAT NOW, or Else....
Apparently Lucy was tired of sitting pretty b/c this shot of her is hilarious! I think she's got what it takes to be a model...DOG-i-TUDE!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Introducing Miss Shorty! The Original K9 Knits Model!

Miss Shorty
(Shorty taking on cattle, Shorty won!!)

This adorable Pug named Shorty is our next door neighbor! With her insistence on being the only dog in her Mom's eyes, she gently or not so gently reminds her during our chats that she is present and ready to fetch her ball! She wasn't always an urban gal. In fact, she spent the first six months in PA! As you can see from this gorgeous pic, Miss Shorty is equally as comfortable in rural settings as in NYC! Who knew modeling was on the horizon for this little Pug.

A Hint at Her Future Career??
(Shorty sporting a sexy hat)

When I saw this picture of Shorty, I couldn't help but chuckle just a little. I really think she was channeling her inner sexy diva at a young age! Hats turned into sweaters, scarves and "Bringing Sexy Back" dog chokers! Who knew! She has never ceased to bring her spunky self to each and every one of our modeling sessions, even in freezing cold weather in January. Ok, maybe the candied bacon w/real maple syrup helped just a little, but she's a girl who appreciates PORK! Love it!

Shorty in K9 Knits Little Red Riding Hood Sweater(Look at me Mom!! Aren't I CUTE!!)

We couldn't have started our K9 Knits business without this precious little Pug and her gorgeous photos in our sweaters! It really helped launch our business and we are forever grateful. Shorty and her Mom Kathy were warm and welcoming as my husband and I spent a year on Staten Island. As we prep to move to her home state of PA for the next four years, we look forward to visits when they travel home to Western, PA across the exciting I-80.

Shorty Bringing Sexy Back in K9 Knits Organic Cotton Choker

(Can I get any cuter???)

Shorty, you are SOOO cute! THANK YOU!! We couldn't have done this without you! xoxo