Friday, March 19, 2010

Inspiration #2 - Jazzy, the Brittany


Oh what a puppy! Jazzy was the cutest puppy ever! Ok, we all think OUR pups are cute, but she did have this adorable little face that won my parents over in a heartbeat! The classic Brittany look with the heart shape on her head and the little freckles near her nose. How can you say no to this pup??

Jazzy learned quickly that wrapping the humans around her paws would be easy! Her favorite activities included escaping the house, cabin or any other confined space meant to keep her safe, running loose around the neighborhood after escaping, collecting treats from Dad, snuggling with Mom after Dad leaves, and harassing the cat! And if that annoying Seamus (my wheatie) happens to be in town, then her ONLY activity is escaping him to avoid his attempts at nonstop play!

Jazzy & Seamus
Here's the terrible two! Seamus & Jazzy at my parent's house last summer. We traveled from NY - MN for six weeks of vacation in MN and Seamus decided to take over the house...Pretty sure he doesn't want to let Miss Jazzy pass by him. ;) If any visitors made it in the door, he was sure to make sure his snout was first to get the snuggles and hugs. She can have his treats, his food and even his kennel, but the attention is ALL his!

Jazzy in the backyard

As she's matured, she has thankfully calmed as well. In fact, she might be mellow. Now the only thing that drives her more crazy than Seamus is the GRAND BABY Olivia! She's scheming how to win back the attention when the half pint comes to visit. Stay tuned for more as Jazzy continues to inspire this K9 Knits team!


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