Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did You Know??

Did you know:

Majority of this blog will be written by one person, but two people are Co-Designers, Co-Creators, and Co-Partners in crime of K9 Knits.

Why? One is an expert knitter and prefers to stay behind the scenes...(My Mom)

The other (me), is not so behind the scenes and communicates in dog speak to dogs, English to owners and gibberish to everyone else!

Did you know:

Majority of our sales (70%) are custom orders.

What does this mean? Majority of our sweaters are knit after the purchase according to our client's preferences on Fibers/Yarn, Colors and Dog specific measurements.

Did you know:

Our most requested sweater style and color is the least liked color by both K9 Knits designers. LOL!

Picture of our most requested sweater - Hand Knit Army Green Ribbed Dog Sweater!


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