Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Pictures of Lucy Liu in K9 Knits

She's still a little unsure of the whole "modeling thing" but we're slowing getting her accustomed to "Bringing Sexy Back!" She was a little chilled the other morning so I figured I try a sweater on her - fits great! Much to my delight! We anticipate that she'll outgrow her soon to be small brother Seamus shortly! Lucy's legs are long!

Lucy to Seamus: "What do you think of this whole smiling for treats thing??"
Seamus to Lucy: Shhhhhh, I can't concentrate with you babbling, plus, I love my Charlee Bear Treats!

Aren't they cute!! Ok, I'm totally biased (hehe) but they were really cute when I was taking these photos. Seamus has mastered the cute dog model look and Lucy is getting there :) Just a few more sessions with big bro and we'll be launching her on our site!

TREAT NOW, or Else....
Apparently Lucy was tired of sitting pretty b/c this shot of her is hilarious! I think she's got what it takes to be a model...DOG-i-TUDE!!


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