Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank You to the UK Greyhounds for Bringing Sexy Back!!

As a small business, sometimes you need a little help! These hounds and their lovely owner helped us out tremendously!! We are considering expanding our K9 Knits sweaters to include those made specifically for Greyhounds! We know that Greyhounds have unique physical form, thus we reached out to our Twitter friends to see if any GH owners would be willing to measure their hounds for us! These measurements are used to provide a guideline for us to create a model sweater to work with.

Immediately Susan from the UK responded saying she was willing to give me (6) different measurements from collar to girth etc. - for each of her THREE Greyhounds!
1. This takes time!
2. This takes patience (each hound has to stand still for a couple minutes while we fuss about)
3. The organization to jot the info down and mail to us

We were incredibly thankful that someone was willing to do this for one hound, but for 3, we were overjoyed! We sent these fabulous hounds some thank you gifts! Susan's beautiful greyhounds are the first UK pups to sport our Bringing Sexy Back Dog Chokers!!

Adorable Greyhounds! (Snoozing away...)

(Resting comfortably!)

(Look at those eyes!!)

(So comfy snuggled on a pet bed!)

(I want to cuddle next to this one, not a care in the world! Love it!)



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