Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dog Antics!

We've had a few funny incidents at our house in PA this week! Thought I'd share the photos.

Seamus doesn't seem that amused with holding Lucy's "paw" but he's tolerating it. You'll notice that she is holding his deer antler hostage so patience is key!

In this one you have to know Seamus to know that he LOVES to sleep next to our toilet. It started b/c we crate trained him in our bathroom when he was a puppy and found the left side just right for his little Wheaten self. Now, any house he visits, if you can't find him...our guess is he's in the bathroom on the left side of the toilet. Seriously.

So this fateful night, he was snoozing away in our bathroom and Lucy - the pesky puppy that she is thought how much fun it would be to drag the toilet paper across the bathroom into the hallway down the hall to the office. Seamus, wanted nothing to do with it b/c only bad things happen when Mom's toilet paper is shredded ;) So he was trying to escape, when Lucy nabbed him with her swirl of paper and he tried to hide in his kennel! Poor Seamus! Lucky for him, we know Lucy's antics....


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