Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Introducing Miss Shorty! The Original K9 Knits Model!

Miss Shorty
(Shorty taking on cattle, Shorty won!!)

This adorable Pug named Shorty is our next door neighbor! With her insistence on being the only dog in her Mom's eyes, she gently or not so gently reminds her during our chats that she is present and ready to fetch her ball! She wasn't always an urban gal. In fact, she spent the first six months in PA! As you can see from this gorgeous pic, Miss Shorty is equally as comfortable in rural settings as in NYC! Who knew modeling was on the horizon for this little Pug.

A Hint at Her Future Career??
(Shorty sporting a sexy hat)

When I saw this picture of Shorty, I couldn't help but chuckle just a little. I really think she was channeling her inner sexy diva at a young age! Hats turned into sweaters, scarves and "Bringing Sexy Back" dog chokers! Who knew! She has never ceased to bring her spunky self to each and every one of our modeling sessions, even in freezing cold weather in January. Ok, maybe the candied bacon w/real maple syrup helped just a little, but she's a girl who appreciates PORK! Love it!

Shorty in K9 Knits Little Red Riding Hood Sweater(Look at me Mom!! Aren't I CUTE!!)

We couldn't have started our K9 Knits business without this precious little Pug and her gorgeous photos in our sweaters! It really helped launch our business and we are forever grateful. Shorty and her Mom Kathy were warm and welcoming as my husband and I spent a year on Staten Island. As we prep to move to her home state of PA for the next four years, we look forward to visits when they travel home to Western, PA across the exciting I-80.

Shorty Bringing Sexy Back in K9 Knits Organic Cotton Choker

(Can I get any cuter???)

Shorty, you are SOOO cute! THANK YOU!! We couldn't have done this without you! xoxo


  1. Shorty is the model with the mostest when it comes to dog attire!! She is a real cutie.

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  3. saw the wheatie vs. kerry "battles".. very true to form!! watch.. the moves seamus is pulling on lucy... the neck play bites etc.. will be learned and used on poor seamus as soon as she is tall enough to do so w/o jumping up!...unfortunately she will probably latch on and get a free ride as seamus moves out.. any baby teeth lost were usually done on this manuever as our clancey was running in the opposite way to loose them! so don't worry... tell me how tall she is at the shoulder when she's 5 months old!.
    theBUSTER, Ms. Persephone & Ms. Blue
    pee ess.. you'll find even the quietest of dogs become very vocal when there are two or more.. my guys have a whOOOooooOOOOOoooo000 that they do to greet us.. very cute. the yapping at each other to egg them on to play can become irratating as they aren't barkers really... but they can hold their own in the noise department.. sounds like a pack of elephants running through the house! very cute!