Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Newest Model, Miss Lucy Liu!

Here's Lucy!!
Miss Lucy Liu, a 15 week old Kerry Blue puppy who has a special Christmas Day birthday has finally been cleared to come home! She was born a super healthy Kerry Blue, but suffered a minor puppy injury on her back right leg keeping her with the breeder for a few extra weeks! But our vet cleared her for full on puppy play yesterday!
She's the perfect compliment to our 3 year old Wheaten Terrier, Seamus. Here are a few pics of her first days home. We have called Seamus our little brown bear for years, and now we have a little black bear too! Thankfully the two have been agreeing on treats, Grandma snuggles, their love for chewy things and the homemade grub v. kibble.

Miss Lucy chowing down on something tasty and chewy!
One last close up! Look at that black nose! So cute!


  1. sweet she is! Have fun with her!

  2. she is precious, well they are.
    I have a yorkiepoo, her name is Bambam.
    You say something about 'homemade grub'
    how do you cook their food? I would love to feed mine some more natural, preservative free food.

  3. Welcome Lucy, you're a real cutie. We're Portuguese Water Dogs so we're sort of cousins to you Kerrys. We're glad to meet you and Seamus.

  4. So this is the apple hound :-). She is really cute! I hope you and she enjoy the apple buns. Please let me know how it goes.
    Your dog knits are so cute! Must be really soft and comfy, and I bet the dogs love them (even though I don't have a dog, so I'm not an expert).

  5. lucy liu!!!! and seamus!.. thanks for visiting our blog! another kerry is always welcome and such a cute little gurlie too..{i sort of think the wheatie is very handsome (persephone)} i, ms.Blue, was brought up by a wheaten and think i pawsitively turned out wonderful. my humomm sez i play just like a wheatie dog. uncle clancey was my mentor, of course when the "twins" arrived "uncle clancey" passed down all his "play" knowledge to theBUSTER & Ms.Persephone too. we are now just three kerrys but we all have a soft spot in our hearts for our 'wheaten cousins'.. so welcome to blog-land ms. lucy liu... visit again. pee ess... we like your "line of canine apparel--make more blue..
    Ms. Blue & theBUSTER & Ms.Persephone too