Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wren Willow's Fabulous Dog T-shirts!

It's beyond simple, really! Seamus is a mama's boy! {best snuggler ever!} Lucy is a heart breaker {just ask the neighborhood boys} and these dog t-shirts created using "100% ribbed cotton black sleeveless tank top" would make the perfect gift for your little pup!

One of the best parts of trolling Etsy's front page as a buyer & a seller is discovering things like, great photos, fabulous creativity and some amazing new products!

Take a peek at Wren Willow's dog T-Shirts! Perfect for your pups this Valentine's Day!

Seamus would look PERFECT in this one!

This one is definitely calling Lucy's name!

Wren Willow also offers some amazingly CUTE t-shirts for your little ones!
Must haves for that special child in your life.

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